detailed statistics: Country: Denmark

#FoundGC NameDescriptiontextDTMAPURL
12010-11-13 18:54:41GC1ZF4TAlsiske historier # 3After a wonderfull walk, good find with cflugel on a denmark tour1.52.0LinkLink
22010-11-13 18:56:35GCYXPA"No Parking"Hard try, when ur not that tall :) but with help and not beeing watched, a good spot to hide a cache, thx on a denmark trip with cfluegel.2.51.0LinkLink
32019-11-03 10:26:43GC52PQ4Udsigt over Nybøl NorTftc :)1.52.0LinkLink
42019-11-03 10:33:19GC89P41Nederstjernen 6Tftc ;)3.02.5LinkLink
52019-11-03 11:01:40GC89P3RNederstjernen 4Tftc ;)2.51.5LinkLink
62019-11-03 11:08:33GC89P3NNederstjernen 3Tftc ;)1.52.0LinkLink
72019-11-03 11:22:34GC89P3HNederstjernen 2Tftc ;)1.51.5LinkLink
82019-11-03 11:32:06GC89P3CNederstjernen 1Tftc ;)1.51.5LinkLink
92019-11-03 12:16:57GC522G2Gråsten slotTftc ;)1.51.5LinkLink
102021-10-02 18:28:06GC67C1"The Little Container".Tftc :)1.01.0LinkLink
112021-10-03 11:22:53GC314G7Skamlingsbanke Stien #1Need mainteneance? Maybe lost1.51.5LinkLink
122021-10-03 11:29:34GC314GFSkamlingsbanke Stien #2Thies one is destroyed too 1.51.5LinkLink
132021-10-03 14:09:51GC891RXKoldinghus & KCool Tftc ;)1.51.5LinkLink
142021-10-07 16:57:53GC5MD5R10 km stenenCool Tftc 1.01.5LinkLink
152022-07-29 15:29:50GC2AZQEDrøvtyggere & gamle egeeasy found :) thanks for the cache and thanks to the owner, greeting and love from discordia23 1.01.5LinkLink
162022-07-29 15:38:32GC7DVEQden faldne kæmpegood found tftc and love greetz from discordia23 1.51.5LinkLink
172022-08-09 18:05:56GC64B52BY-ruten # 2good found with friendly neighbour ;) tftc love discordia231.51.5LinkLink
182022-08-09 18:17:01GC64B32BY-ruten # 1easy found tftc love discordia23:)2.02.0LinkLink
192022-08-09 18:25:28GC63XF1KULTUR-stien # 1cool secret ;) love and tftc discordia23 1.51.5LinkLink
202022-08-09 19:01:08GC64B67BY-ruten # 7nice try but i already found one of those ;) tftc love discordia23 2.51.5LinkLink
212022-08-12 13:24:40GCNRJ7On the way to Rømøwonderfull view tftc love fiscordia231.02.0LinkLink
222022-08-12 13:31:17GC8X9FERømø Tidevandetwonderfull view tftc love discordia23 1.51.5LinkLink
232022-08-12 19:03:14GC69R0MGarminman7k´s 62 års fødselsdagscacheyes this is my 1300gc tftc love discordia23 2.51.5LinkLink
242022-12-11 13:07:57GC6B6ZY1 # Tønder stierne.good find ;) ty ftc lovely from discordia23 2.01.0LinkLink
252022-12-11 13:14:11GC7BRZM2 # Tønder stierne.good find tyftc lovely greetings from discordia23 2.01.0LinkLink
262022-12-11 13:42:02GC1G4RRÆ kagmandgood find, logbook is cold, wet and frozen :( but ty for the cache1.01.0LinkLink
272022-12-11 13:48:02GC7C0H054 # Tønder stierne.good find tyftc lovely greetings from discordia23 3.01.0LinkLink
282022-12-11 13:53:05GC7EA3J135 # Tønder stierne.good find tftc lovely greetings from discordia23 1.51.0LinkLink
292022-12-11 13:57:45GC7BTB728 # Tønder stierne.tftc2.52.0LinkLink
302022-12-11 14:00:59GC7C258134 # Tønder stierne.tftc :)1.51.5LinkLink
312022-12-11 14:45:54GC7C16G92 # Tønder stierne.good find tftc :) lovely greetings from discordia23 1.01.5LinkLink
322022-12-11 14:57:00GC9E82ETag en pause Reloadedtftc :)1.51.5LinkLink
332023-01-28 16:16:40GC4QY30Trapholt Museumok found it ;) lg und danke sagt discordia23 😘3.51.0LinkLink
342023-03-04 09:59:55GC9HX2NBruce on Rømøgood find ty :) greetings from discordia23 1.51.5LinkLink
352023-03-04 10:19:31GC7ENPCCasa Del Caosgood find ;) thanks a lot says discordia23 1.51.5LinkLink
362023-03-04 10:25:52GC1PYGRRømø Redningsstationnice find ;) tftc loves discordia23 1.01.0LinkLink
372023-03-04 10:31:11GC747GZCamping forbudtnice find :) thanks a log says discordia23 1.01.5LinkLink
382023-03-04 12:13:28GC7HTMEMarsk udsigt ved Toftumgood find ;) tyftc love discordia23 1.51.5LinkLink
392023-03-04 12:18:40GC1VB4GDanmarks ældste og mindste skolefound it and dropped a little friend ;) love discordia23 1.01.5LinkLink
402023-03-05 11:25:37GC741K7Naturruten nr. 1nice find ;) tyftc love discordia23 1.51.5LinkLink
412023-03-05 11:34:00GC9TC43Dalenafter a bit search good find :) tyftc love discordia23 1.51.5LinkLink
422023-03-05 11:59:27GC64B6KBY-ruten # 10nice find :) tyftc love discordia23 2.01.5LinkLink
432023-03-05 12:03:20GC64B6ABY-ruten # 8good find tyftc :) love discordia23 1.51.5LinkLink
442023-03-05 12:07:37GC6ZE51NATUR-stien # 33 ice find :) tyftc love discordia23 1.01.5LinkLink

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